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The Moss Street entrance to Baldwin includes a large parking lot and takes visitors to the first floor of the building, which houses the Grand Lecture Hall.
Located off the Moss Street entrance to the Building on Baldwin, the plaza can accommodate approximately 1,000 people. Features of the plaza include three collaborative amphitheater spaces that can be used as meeting spaces among students and professionals.
The Fayette Street entrance to Baldwin takes visitors to the second floor.
NCI is located on the historic Baldwin Block off Fayette Street in uptown Martinsville.
NCI's Building on Baldwin has approximately 110 parking spaces with nearby access to additional uptown parking lots.
The original location of New College Institute, King Hall is an integral part of NCI's campus. The building hosts eight classrooms as well as a computer lab, student lounge, and office space for staff and faculty.
Community groups and organizations may rent the Martin-Lacy Lecture Hall at NCI for their receptions, fundraisers, and events. A reduced rate is available for 501(c)(3) non-profits!
The primary event space for large gatherings, lectures, and conferences, the Martin-Lacy Lecture Hall is highly adaptable to the needs of our community. When used in full, the space can accommodate up to 300 people when seated at round tables or about 400 when seated lecture style.
The space and technology available in NCI's Martin-Lacy Lecture Hall create a great environment for workforce training and meetings for your business or organization.
NCI's Martin-Lacy Lecture Hall is the perfect space for events of many sizes. Room dividers that descend from the ceiling can allow the space to be divided into three separate meeting spaces which can be used simultaneously and separately with acoustic and technological provisions built in the design.
The Martin-Lacy Lecture Hall's neutral color scheme and modern features make it easy to personalize the space to set the tone for your formal reception or event.
NCI classrooms located in Baldwin make excellent breakout rooms for training seminars and workshops held in the Grand Lecture Hall.
Classrooms at NCI are designed around collaboration and technology so that our students can learn in a 21st century environment.
The largest of the second floor classrooms in Baldwin overlooks the Advanced Manufacturing High Bay and features innovative technology for students and instructors with the goal of bringing together individuals from different disciplines to solve problems and generate solutions.
The Fayette Lab is a state-of-the-art science laboratory featuring microscopes and high-definition cameras. The building is home to the robotics team from the Piedmont Governor's School for Mathematics, Science & Technology.
NCI classrooms stocked with technology make the perfect location to host off-site meetings for your business or organization.
King Hall was NCI's original classroom building and is still utilized for courses offered at NCI as well as special events and community meetings.
Unlike traditional classrooms, NCI fully integrates technology so that students can collaborate using shared screens. Students can personally connect to these screens through cables available at their work-spaces.
Students enrolled in our degree programs use teleconferencing technology to connect with other sites, extending learning opportunities outside of our building.
The Piedmont Governor's School for Mathematics, Science & Technology utilizes second floor classrooms at NCI to take learning to the next level.
The Advanced Manufacturing High Bay is the pinnacle of advanced equipment within New College Institute. This space was  developed to provide the highest level of hands-on, innovative training and technology to both our students and local industry partners.
The hallway outside the Grand Lecture Hall provides a comfortable and inviting area as guests arrive to events.
When the new building was in a conceptual stage, it was decided that every space should be utilized. That's why benches and tables throughout the building serve as gathering spaces for students and professionals to work together and maximize efficiency.
A main feature of the first floor is the Martinsville-Henry County Visitor's Center, operated by the Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation. Visitors from across the country and even the globe come here to find information about our community and learn how to have 'fun in record time!'