The engineering curriculum is comprised of courses that focus on theory and design. Design in engineering provides the creation of new facilities, machinery, goods, materials, and life needs. Students will take advantage of many projects, lectures, and assignments that involve components of design, construction, and project management. Engineers are team leaders that plan, design and supervise engineering projects from concept to completion. Engineers solve problems by relying on their creative and academic skills and are challenged by the effort it requires. Additionally, students will actively engage in lab experiments and projects while working with faculty and industry to promote their ability to innovate and design components and processes. Students are required to complete calculus either during or prior to their senior year in high school.

Students who successfully complete the AET program at NCI will earn 12 college credits through a partnership with Virginia State University (VSU). These courses available for college credit include the following:

  • ENGR 101: Intro. To Engineering I
  • ENGR 102: Intro. To Engineering II
  • ENGR 200: Engineering Graphics
  • ENGR 203: Intro. To Programming
  • ENGR 210: Statics and Strength of Materials

In addition to course work, the AET program also strives to show students what it is like to have a career in the industry. We do this by going on industry tours, where we can see firsthand engineers and engineering processes in actions and by hosting guest speakers, where the students hear the accounts and advice of current industry employees. We also host resume writing and interview skill workshops in preparation for opportunities AET students have to apply for summer internships with local industries where they can gain invaluable hands on career experience.