September 19, 2014

Caloric intake assessments, blood pressure screenings, and yoga demonstrations were all part of the student health fair sponsored by New College Institute (NCI) and Patrick Henry Community College (PHCC) on Wednesday, September 17, 2014. Held in the PHCC gymnasium in Stone Hall, the student health fair attracted over 300 local students and 30 organizations representing all aspects of healthcare including diet, exercise, treatment, and education options in the medical field.

Gloria Stephens, PHCC Health Sciences student, said, “It was amazing!  What we were just discussing in class was demonstrated here.  It was great follow-up!”

Many students were interested in learning about topics such as health insurance, blood donations, stress management, family planning, and more at the health fair. “I just love it when they (PHCC and NCI) do this. They always have such good information. The vendors give you information you wouldn’t normally get,” said Bobbie Hubbard, PHCC graduate and ODU student at PHCC through Teletechnet.  

Not only did students benefit, but local organizations were able to spread awareness and demonstrate important health-related information to attendees. “It was a great turn out and we were able to explain to a lot of the attendees what the 911 center does. Most people are unaware of the Emergency Medical Dispatch aspect,” said Travis Pruitt, Assistant VCIN & Training Operations Supervisor for the Martinsville-Henry County 911 Center.

Another organization, the Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE), helped students assess their personal sugar intake and the activity required to work off consumed calories. “With my booth I always feel I have touched our future” by emphasizing the importance of nutritional planning, said Kim Hairfield, VCE Adult Food Nutrition Program Assistant.

The student health fair is a biannual event that is “great opportunity for PHCC and NCI to work together to provide educational opportunities for the students of our community,” said Steve Keyser, NCI Coordinator of Community Engagement.