History & Purpose

Connecting education to opportunities, the NCI Internship Program aims to link working professionals to the community and assist towards the creation of a world-class workforce in Southern Virginia. Since 2007, the New College Institute Internship Program has generated opportunities for college students to receive quality learning experiences while allowing employers to “test drive” creative and hardworking talent. Through funding from the New College Foundation, the Harvest Foundation, and local employers, NCI provides paid internship opportunities, allowing college students to earn up to $12.50 per hour. Students are able to gain hands-on experience related to their fields of study by working with an employer in Martinsville-Henry County and throughout the surrounding communities. While students gain valuable work experience and connections, employers have an opportunity to test drive potential candidates for full-time hire at a low-cost investment. The NCI Internship Program has had 221 internship placements since 2007. NCI Interns have worked with employers representing a variety of industry sectors and career clusters. From medical internships to engineering, to marketing and education, employers and students have benefited from their customized experiential learning through NCI’s internship program.

Experiential Learning Highlights through the Years:

  • 2007: 21 intern participants and the first year of the program
  • 2008: 22 interns
  • 2009: 14 interns
  • 2010: 24 interns
  • 2011: 28 interns
  • 2012: 32 summer interns
    • First year that NCI allowed a student who was not from the direct community to participate in the program.
  • 2012: 3 fall semester interns
    • Pilot program for fall and spring semester internships.
  • 2013: 7 spring semester interns • 2013: 51 summer interns
    • Significant increase in the amount of internships available; eight nonlocal interns and forty-three local students participate as NCI interns at this time.
  • 2013: 9 fall semester interns
  • 2014: 10 spring semester interns

The NCI Internship Program has had significant support from our employers of Martinsville, Henry County and the surrounding communities. We appreciate the involvement and support of our workforce partners.

Previous NCI Employers