For more than ten years, NCI has facilitated 432 internship placements for college students among local employers in our region.  This internship program provides students with hands-on work experience and introduces up-and-comers to potential career opportunities available in Martinsville-Henry County and the surrounding area.  For employers, this program provides an opportunity to recruit and test drive talent.

College Internships

To attract and retain top talent in our region, NCI is launching the internship portal and professional development program in February 2019. We will be reaching out to employers throughout the region to list internship opportunities so that college students from throughout the Commonwealth and beyond may access and apply for career opportunities in Southern Virginia. 

This program is one of many ways NCI strives to provide local residents with the insights, skills and connections to be successful.

In addition to being able to apply for multiple internships, any student who registers on NCI's internship portal will be invited to participate in a LinkedIn workshop to create or enhance your profile which is essential to building a professional network which can lead to landing your dream job. 

At the end of the summer, NCI will host a luncheon to recognize and give awards to employers and students who meet requirements. We will also accept nominations for recognizing top-achieving interns and employers. 

How to get started? 

We invite employers to list your internship opportunities for the spring/summer via our online hub: 

Login or create an employer account here:

Students can create their own profile (including a cover letter and resume) and then view and apply for the positions that employers have created by clicking here.

Internships may or may not be paid; that will be a decision made by the employer. 

To register and receive recognition's for the interns and employers by NCI, the internship should include a minimum of 160 hours worked between May and September. 

Contact Ryan Orton at (276) 403-5615 or if you have any questions.