Experiential Learning & Internships

For over ten years, NCI has provided quality experiential learning opportunities for students in our region. With the goal of advancing our program to a new level, we announce the launch of Rising Leaders. This sequence of experiential learning programs will include professional development, career readiness training, and hands-on experiences for high school and college students. New programs will target: 

  • College Interns (relaunching Summer 2018)
  • High School Students (launching Fall 2018)
  • Domestic Study Abroad (launching Summer 2018) 

Rising Leaders: College Internships

To attract and retain top talent in our region, NCI is launching a college level internship portal and professional development program. We will be reaching out to employers throughout the region to list internship opportunities so that college students from throughout the Commonwealth and beyond may access and apply for career opportunities in Southern Virginia. 

In addition to being able to apply for multiple internships, any student who registers on NCI's website will also have access to various professional development opportunities, service learning projects, and social networking activities throughout the summer. 

At the end of the summer, NCI will host a luncheon to recognize and give awards to employers and students who meet requirements. We will also accept nominations for recognizing top-achieving interns and employers. 

How to get started? 

We invite employers to follow 3 easy steps to list your internship opportunities for the summer via our online hub: 

  1. Login or Create an employer account here: http://www.newcollegeinstitute.org/internship-application
  2. Once you are logged in, click the navy box .
  3. Then click .

Students will be able to create their own profile (including a cover letter and resume) and then view and apply for the positions that employers have created. 

What does NCI require of employers and students? 

  • After selections are made by the employer, all internships must be registered by March 30, 2018. (Registration forms will be emailed to employers and students)
  • Internships may or may not be paid; that will be a decision made by the employer. NCI will assist employers in connecting with grant opportunities. Contact Autumn Morris at (276) 403-5615 or amorris@newcollegeinstitute.org to get started!
  • To register and receive recognitions for the interns and employers by NCI, the internship should include a minimum of 160 hours worked between May and September. 
  • For students: participation in professional development activities.