Experiential Learning

Our Vision

Through academic content and partnerships with local employers, AET aspires to build a pipeline of students in our region with a desire to pursue careers in engineering and technology. Through AET we want to show our students that there are exciting and relevant opportunities for them in this area. In turn, the AET program can show future potential businesses that we, as a community, are invested in building the next generation of highly skilled employees. 


Experiential Learning Programs in AET: 

  • Guest Lectures & Tours During the Academic Year: Throughout the academic year, students participate in many experiential learning activities to apply their academic knowledge to on-the-job situations.  These activities include interactions (guest lectures) with individuals currently working within these career fields and on-site industry tours, where they can see firsthand engineers and engineering processes in action. Students also partake in job readiness workshops to enhance their communication and soft skills that are crucial in today’s job market.

  • Industry Fundamentals: Incoming students (rising juniors) have the opportunity to participate in the Industry Fundamentals program the summer prior to their enrollment with AET.  Students will be exposed to workshops, teambuilding, and strategies that will help prepare them for success within the AET program. 

  • ELITE (Experiential Learning in Technology and Engineering) Experiences: Most importantly, for students who have successfully completed their junior year courses, we offer the opportunity to participate in summer job shadowing experiences with local employers. As AET faculty that have been a part of the private sector, we know that in order to be successful in industry, it is not enough to simply be a good student of engineering— you also need to have a drive and a passion for technology and a work ethic that transcends any career field. We understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the difficulties of coursework, but you should not lose sight of the end goal. Engineering can be a rewarding career field that is increasingly relevant to our daily lives. For these reasons, we see our industry partners as an invaluable part of AET. What these students see and do firsthand will have by far a greater impact than what we can do for them in the classroom alone. 

For more information regarding AET’s Experiential Learning Programs please contact: 

John Hatchett
AET Assistant Director
VSU Faculty-in-Residence