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Web Dynamics Seminar

March 25, 2019 8:00 AM - March 29, 2019 5:00 PM

Web Handling Fundamentals Workshop

New College Institute

191 Fayette Street

Martinsville, VA 24112

Workshop Description

Web handling is a process engineering discipline focusing on improving productivity and reducing waste

of product made from papers, films, foils, nonwovens, textiles, or any thin, continuous material.

Many manufacturing trends create new challenges for web handling and winding, including thinner,

wider, or more delicate products, faster or more integrated processes, and ultra-clean or hazardous

environments – all increasing the potential for web handling defects. Learning to handle these materials,

processes, and environmental challenges will provide your company with a competitive advantage.

This five-day workshop will cover key concepts to optimize your equipment and process designs;

practical steps to eliminate waste from breaks, deformation, scratches, alignment errors, wrinkles, and roll

defects. This workshop will be held at the New College Institute in Martinsville, VA. The seminar will be

held in classroom 107 and will be complemented with labs in the Academic Coater Bay where web

handling principles will be demonstrated.

Unlike any other option in web handling education, this workshop provides one-of-a-kind training that

combines classroom seminars with on-machine demonstrations.