Center of Advanced Manufacturing

New College Institute's Center of Advanced Manufacturing serves the community by providing technology education, manufacturing training, and consulting services that contribute to continuous workforce and technology development and business success.  Our technology experts, innovative solutions and low cost–recovery pricing help companies compete in changing markets and the global economy.


Mission: We are a dynamic network of advanced manufacturing resources that supports multiple industries by developing an exceptionally skilled workforce.


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Opportunities for Employer Reimbursement

Please note that you may contact your local Business Services Manager to find out how to apply for possible reimbursement for training and professional development based on your company size prior to the start of the training:

• 90% - 50 or less employees
• 75% - 51-100 employees
• 50% - more than 100 employees

For more information, contact Robbie Knight at 276-634-3600 at





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For more information or to schedule your customized training, please contact: 

Pamela Carter-Taylor
NCI Coordinator of Advanced Manufacturing
(276) 403-5689