•         The Civil War of Martinsville
            Speaker:  Tom Perry
  •         Going Vegan - A 21-Day How To
            Speaker:  Nancy Bell
  •         RaSE:  Part Method, Part Skill, Part Attitude
            Sponsored by:  Shine Technologies
  •         The New Criminal Justice Paradigm - Victimization by Social Media and other Digital Mediums
            Speaker:  Captain Eric Winn - Henry County Sheriff's Office


  • Lighten Up the Winter Blues - How Feng Shui Can Improve Your Mood at Work and at Home
    Speaker:  Lisa Watts, MHC Coalition for Health and Wellness
  • Beyond Mayberry - A Memoir of Andy Griffith and Mt. Airy, NC
    Author and Speaker:  Thomas D. Perry
  • Past, Present and Future Architecture of Martinsville & Henry Co.
    Speaker:  Sammy Redd


  • Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle
    Speaker: Benjamin Lee, MD, Cardiologist, Memorial Hospital MHC
  • Fun Ideas for Your Spring Garden
    Speaker: Lois Christensen
  • Right Time, Right Place - the History of Ridgeway Clocks
    Speaker: William J. Gravely
  • Herbs: Natural Gifts
    Speaker: Kris Landrum
  • Paintings You Should See Before You Die
    Speaker: Sammy Redd, NCI Coordinator of College Access
  • America's Prison Systems - A Snapshot of Today & Challenges for the Future
    Speaker:  Charles Kehoe, VCU Professor of Criminal Justice



  • Thomas Jefferson: Architecture is My Delight
    Speaker: Peter Marshall
  • Spring Fever for Gardeners
    Speaker: Deborah Barker, MVHS Horticulture
  • From Spencer-Penn to Rives Road
    Speaker and Author: Tom Perry
  • Putting Our Gardens to Bed
    Speaker: Nancy Bradshaw, Master Gardener
  • Backyard Birding and Habitats
    Speaker: Vickie Fuquay
  • The Nature of Place: Beauty and Biology of the Blue Ridge
    Speaker and Author: Fred First



  • Art and the African American Religious Experience
    Speaker: Carolyn Durant
  • Get a Grip and Let Go: Stress Management Seminar
    Speaker:  Phillip Echols
  • Eat This - Not That
    Speaker:  Stephanie Milroy, MHC Coalition for Health & Wellness
  • Spring Pruning, Planting, and Spring Seed Gifts
    Speaker:  Lois Christensen, Gateway Streetscape Foundation
  • The Martinsville Bulletin: The Last 35 Years of News and How it Was Told
    Speaker:  Ginny and Mike Wray, Martinsville Bulletin
  • Images of America: Henry and Patrick County, Virginia
    Speaker and Author: Tom Perry
  • The 75th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway
    Speaker:  Peter Givens, Park Ranger, Roanoke, VA
  • What's the Buzz About Bees?
    Speaker:  Joe Newbill
  • Fall Wildflowers of Martinsville & Henry County
    Speaker:  Bob Tuggle
  • Saint Francis Service Dogs
    Speaker: Elizabeth Broyles



  • Healthy Hearts
    Speaker: MHC Coalition for Health & Wellness Staff
  • Horticulture Tips for Spring
    Speaker:  Lois Christiansen, Gateway Streetscape
  • Car Care Made Easy - A Hands-On Demonstration
    Speaker: Jeff Barrow, Pro Automotive
  • Cyber Security: Protection That Goes Beyond the Computer
    Speaker:  Eric Jones, CISSP, Booz-Allen-Hamilton Global Security
  • The Fascinating History of the Evolution of Gun Powder & Guns
    Speaker:  Dr. Mervyn King
  • Old Tea Rooms in Martinsville
    Speaker:  Betsy Myers
  • Old Drugstores in Martinsville
    Speaker:  Desmond Kendrick
  • How to Look at a Painting and See the Real Picture
    Speaker: Sammy Redd



  • Show Me the Money! Financial Aid Information
    Speaker: Sammy Redd, NCI Outreach Educator
  • Campus Safety Discussion
    Speaker: Mike Rogers, Martinsville Chief of Police
  • APA Writing Style Made Easy
    Speaker: Monica Hatchett, Research Instructor for Piedmont Governor’s School
  • Memories of Globman’s: Reflections on Uptown Martinsville
    Speaker: Barry Green, Former Martinsville City Mayor
  • Lanier Farms:  Past and Present
    Speaker:  James "Nubby" Coleman, Principal Broker, Rives S. Brown Realtors
  • Emergency Car Care for Women
    Speaker:  Jeff Barrow, Owner, Pro Automotive, Martinsville
  • History of Reynolds Homestead
    Speaker:  Lisa Martin
  • Memories of Liberty Heights Swimming Pool
    Speaker:  Carl Dehart and Desmond Kendrick
  • Memories of Piedmont Christian Institute: Proud Heritage of Black Educators
    Speaker: Christina Draper, Virginia Foundation of the Humanities